Moduly is designed for who?

Moduly is designed for any type of Dwelling, like small apartment & condo, small or bigger houses, or offices building. Moduly is also available for power utilities to help them to monitor a group of users to optimize their energy efficiency.

Technical Questions

What are the electric characteristics of the AC output?

110VAC 60Hz pure sine wave

Installation Questions

How do I install a Moduly device?

Just plug the Moduly device to the wall outlet and follow the Step-by-Step setup on the Moduly application.

How does energy saving work?

By placing the Moduly device in a strategic area in your environment, the application will provide recommendations based on your habits. Following the recommendation will optimise the energy cost saving.

Can I use the Moduly battery only for an energy backup?

Yes, you can use Moduly only like an energy backup storage. However, by using the Moduly only as a backup storage, you will miss all the advantages of the energy peaks savings and cost reduction.

How many batteries can I stack?

You can stack up to 4 Moduly Battery of 1000Wh per Moduly HomeKit. If you have many HomeKit in your house for example you're able to reach your target of energy autonomie.

How does your Smart home compatibility work ?

Easy. You will be able to centralize any energy activity through Moduly by connecting and monitoring your thermostats, smart water heater, smart plug, and much more. Doing this, Moduly will integrate and automate your energy consumption and activities. Helping you save time management and also to improve your consumption reduction. Now you will be able to manage everything through one mobile application, Moduly.

Do I need Solar Panel ?

It is not mandatory to have a solar panel to use Moduly. If you already have a solar system, it will be able to access many other features. Moduly HomeKit is designed to work with any conventional grid or grid compatible source, including local sources such as solar, wind or generators. However, if you already have a solar system, this gives you access to a host of additional features that will increase your usage benefits.