Moduly and his team are based in Montreal, including a presence in Hong Kong. 

Moduly is a startup in Clean Energy or for some in Clean Tech which dedicates its passion and expertise to reinventing the energy market by making it more eco-responsible, efficient, flexible and more accessible in order to offer the International user a solution that adapts to its reality while providing them with a real environmental impact.

For Moduly, this is more than a mission or a vision, it is a revelation that pushed us to have an impact in this energy revolution in order to have a recognized impact in intelligent energy. Renewable energy, sustainable and green, represents a complete devotion in order to offer the best solution that will best meet consumers but also a better environmental future. However without intelligence, automation and prediction our dream could not come true. 


Self-made entrepreneur with over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. I am a high performance executor focused on action, strategic risk taking and results. I learned to master the discomfort over a long period of time and find solutions when others see it as inevitable. In the last decade, I have developed excellent negotiation skills.

In the last 6 years I have designed and launched more than a dozen electronic and portable energy products which have been marketed in North America through large companies. This allowed me to master the Retail and distribution market in Canada and the United States in which I have developed an excellent relationship.

My strength in developing links allowed me to develop an exclusive international network and to build up expertise on the Asian market where I had all of my previous products manufactured. I am an eternal creative learner.
Results-oriented, confident and creative executive spearheading successful business start-up development programs for small companies as well as growth for multiple organization sizes.

Combined expertise in operation, supply chain management, engineering, organizational leadership, finance, purchasing, manufacturing control plan, NPD and quality control. Consistent success in manufacturing improvement and process implementation. Practical knowledge and deep understanding of Western and Asian management techniques, culture and business practices.

Experienced working and living in Canada, USA and Asia. Excellent skills in leadership, quality performance and productivity improvement. Elementary knowledge of Mandarin (learning). Native language is French
Researcher by passion and profession in the green energy sector. I’m an active researcher at the hydrogen research institute of the UQTR with the focus of hydrogen fuel cell systems for automotive applications.

I graduated as a Mechatronic engineer from ITESM campus Guadalajara in Mexico. Knowledge in microcontroller programming, 3D mechanical design, numeric computing and electronic design.
Passionate software designer with creative understanding of AI software algorithms and security protocols.

Won a university AI software battle waged between 150+ students and a professor. Goal-oriented performer with delivered projects in the eCommerce, automation, AI, and other IT domains. Excellent architecture, design and programming skills.

Deep understanding of Azure DevOps, Git, TeamFoundation and other source control tools. Project experience with the following object-oriented languages: C#, vb.Net, C++, C, Java, VB, Objective-C and others. High performer that wants to excel in everything undertaken.


Michael Pronovost
Marketing Specialist
Geneviève Dupaul
Creative Content Creators
André Barry
Web Designer


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