Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute is proud to announce MODULY has graduated!

Moduly Graduation
After 8 months of hard work, our team have made it! At the begin, the program look pretty easy and sample like any other accelerators, but its not the truth. For our CEO, Jonathan Lamer its the perfect program to test your entrepreneurship skills , but also your perseverance's, your adaptability, your flexibility and your decisions making. And if you don't follow the program, you will be drop, that's it!
Moduly is proud to be part of this cohorte, and we say a big thanks to Sergio Escobar, managing director in #Montreal without his dedication on each founders to provide a hard feedback, we never be done the progress Moduly team have made.
About Founder Institute
Founder Institute is a pre-seed accelerator oriented first on the founder itself before the company or the tech. If you have the entrepreneur DNA you will be able to face the reality of #startup lifestyle and make a sustainable success.
#FounderInstitute give to the founder tools, training, mentoring, and coaching to create strong company leaders.
More About Moduly
If you don't know yet Moduly, let us introduce ourselves. Moduly mission is to helps residential and commercial electricity users optimize their #energyefficiency by allowing them to shift consumption peak hours, reduce their #energyconsumption and GHG emissions, while saving them through our modular intelligent energy platform. Using #artificialintelligence, Moduly predicts, recommends and personalizes the user experience according to their consumption habits. Moduly is a plug and play, modular and scalable solution that reduces the complexity of installation.
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What we have learned
During this program we have learned how to build a #sustainable company, grow, raise money, hired, find co-founder, build a strong pitch, but the most important thing is to have the right mindset of « Do or Die » because at the end is the truth of entrepreneurship life.
Founder institute Family
Founder Institute is a worldwide family and during this program we create relations with other entrepreneurs, mentors, and partners that are able to understand your world and the daily entrepreneur life. After the program, is not finish you continue receiving support and help through this amazing #FIworldwide #family. See here the 13 new tech startups
It's the end of a chapter
It's the end of the cohorte, but the begin of a new chapter for #Moduly. Join us in our energy journey and follow our community of sustainable impact.