News: Alvaro Macias is Moduly's new CTO

Moduly Team is growing! We are proud to announce the arrival of our new CTO. Let him introduce himself ...
« Since I was a kid, hacking has been my passion. But I mean it in a good way, the kind of hacker that likes to solve problems by trying something out and seeing what happens. I still remember breaking apart my toys and collecting the pieces to build something new and more fun! This love steered me to study mechatronic engineering. I learned how a few lines of code could help you simplify a complex problem in electronic design and vice versa.
After that, I decided to put my passion and skills of problem-solving to use for the development of green energies. This brought me from Mexico to the city of Trois-Rivières, in Quebec. Here I started my graduate studies at the UQTR, which focused on hydrogen fuel cell systems. I formed part of an international research team in which our contributions were presented at several international conferences and reported in scientific articles.
Now, I have the opportunity to work as an R&D for Moduly, in the smart-energy storage market for residential & commercial applications. This sector is facing a major transformation due to the electricity demand growth and development due to the introduction of electric vehicles and new occupant’s behaviors. The introduction of variable electricity rates are also a great opportunity to innovate in the sector! »
Moduly is very happy to welcome Alvaro as a member of our team but also as a co-founder and to be able to count on his expertise in energy management, his innovative creativity and his influence in the technological development of Moduly.
Lots of announcements are coming. Follow us to stay updated!
- Team Moduly