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Moduly HomeKit
Moduly HomeKit
Moduly HomeKit

Moduly HomeKit

Regular price $3,000.00 USD

Moduly Home Kit 2KW 

Each Moduly Home Kit which includes a modular main control unit and one magnetic lithium-ion battery module of 2Kw. Each Moduly includes a battery management system (BMS), communication software as well as a Wifi & Bluetooth communication system, plus 2 interchangeable AC / DC and USB power interface.

Add the number of Moduly Home Kit needed to fill each room in your home or adjust the energy storage capacity with our battery system. You can accumulate between 500Wh up to 6000Wh per Moduly control units.

Each Home Kit Moduly includes:

  • Power : 2KW
  • Storage capacity: 2.5Kwh to 12.5 Kwh


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

External Battery 2Kw
External Battery 2Kw

External Battery 2Kw

Regular price $2,500.00 USD
Adapt your need for energy storage and autonomy by adding a 2Kw stack battery to your Moduly HomeKit.

You can adjust your Moduly HomeKit according to your energy needs between 500Wh and 6000Wh per unit.

Moduly uses Lithium-ion battery technology.


For Commercial
For Residential
For Power Utilities

Use the simplicity of your wall outlets to effectively distribute, control and store your energy from your ecosystem


Be part of this new movement and contribute to a better energy future.


Easy self-installation. Now I control my electricity consumption by my own terms.

Jared D.

Just amazing innovation. Simple, Efficient and Adapted for the any customers.

Amanda P.