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Moduly is specifically designed to pair with green building, solar, and off-the-grid projects. Installation requires no technical expertise and can be accomplished in less than five minutes, allowing you to save labor expenses and time.

Offering simple, yet powerful energy solutions to your clients enables you to deliver immense value and differentiate your offerings from the competition.

A partnership that lasts

Hassle free and fully scalable

Moduly has the first fully integrated smart AC battery system on the market that requires no central panel installation. From residential to commercial use, Moduly can be installed in minutes with zero technical expertise, and scaled to meet the exact needs of you and your customers alike.

More than just a product to offer, Moduly is a way of life

Moduly users can dramatically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and help lead the way on environmental responsibily.

The Moduly app allows the user to fully customize and optimize their energy consumption and storage, as well as their smart and green technologies from solar panels, to thermostats, to electric vehicles.

Off peak power consumption

Many utility providers have variable rate power programs.  This means that you pay more for electricity during times of high demand, and less during times of low demand. 

The Moduly system allows users to capture and store energy during low rate periods, and utilize it during high rate periods.  Even better, Moduly can automate this process for you, saving both money and time.

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