Nano Grid Access

Moduly empowers utilities to achieve a more resilient, optimized, and more cost-effective power grid

We work with utilities and energy retailers nationwide to address immediate
struggles, plan for the future, and accomplish long-term strategic goals.

Innovative answers to the toughest challenges

Utilities can use Moduly’s energy solutions to create and control more reliable virtual power plants that can be relied upon to meet critical grid needs. We walk hand-in-hand with our partners to tailor our solutions to their specific needs.

Whether they are developing new systems, reshaping community power loads, or responding to emergencies and extreme weather, Moduly is bringing innovation, creative solutions, and cost-reduction opportunities to the table.

Wind turbines

Real partnerships create better solutions

At Moduly we work WITH our partners, not just FOR our partners. Creating true collaboration allows us to be a part of the solution for immediate and long-term challenges for the grid.

Our solutions always prioritize customer experience and ensure that there is mutual benefit for utilities and their customers.

Manage your energy

Moduly smart platform provides electric utilities and energy retailers, in cooperation with consumers, control tools to optimize the resilience of the electricity grid and attain the lowest costs on the market.

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Consumers Cooperation


Smart Platform

Partner Benefits

This can be done in an efficient and scalable manner without the need to replace, modify or rebuild the current network infrastructure.

GHG’s Emission

Load Shaping

Voltage Support

T&D Deferral

Grid Stability & Resilience

EV Charging Control

Custom Interface Access

Renewable Energy

Congestion Relief

Energy Trading

Making a big impact

Nationally and globally, an increasing number of utilities are making commitments to reduce carbon emissions and help combat climate change.

Moduly works with our partners to move away from reliance on fossil fuel power plants and empowers them to invest in more efficient renewable energy sources.

Building with trees

Utility partners lead from the front

Let us introduce you to the utilities that already leverage Moduly to deliver innovative new solutions to share the future of the power grid.

By utilizing Moduly’s technologies, our partners are able to build virtual power plants, manage power load, and create response programs for consumers' increasingly smart homes.

Working with visionary partners such as these allows Moduly to extend our impact and reach more people and help usher in a new, cleaner era of energy.

If you are interested in harnessing Moduly solutions to create a more adaptability, innovation, and resilient grid to power the future, we would love to partner with you.

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